Friday, December 31, 2010

Seeing Spots Wearing Lemon

I am seeing spots today.  Her name is Roxy and she is wearing LEMON !

Today I picked up Roxxxxaaannne from the Boston Animal Shelter after she was spayed yesterday.  She is now officially a member of the crazy BETZ family !  ( Just what we needed! )

When we first met Roxy the week before Christmas, she was very shy and quite skittish.  Alot has happened since that first meeting.  She has calmed down.  She has embraced her new name and is actually excited when she hears us calling her name... sometimes we are silly and sing it, because it is VERY hard NOT to start singing like STING !

There was a large box of new leashes and collars to choose from today at the shelter.  It was only befitting that she wear lemon.  I was going to choose the red, but "ROXANNE, you don't have to turn on the RED LIGHT" kept running through my mind, so I choose yellow!

2010 has been a difficult year in many ways, but in many more ways it has been a wonderful year.  I am thankful for my many blessings. 

Our new set of spots wearing lemon will bring much joy into our home in 2011.

I have a feeling 2011 is off to a great start !

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