Friday, July 1, 2011

She is the Dreamer.

My top "5"s in no particular order:

Top 5 Places in the world I want to see:

1.  Visit the Galapagos Islands ~  I want to see what Darwin Saw.
2.  Attend the French Open ( While Nadal is still playing)
3.  Experience Mt. Rushmore
4.  Witness a volcano/ lava flow in Iceland
5.  Cape Town, South Africa  ( on trip to re-visit Lesotho)

5 Personal Goals:
1. By end of 2011 have my fathers estate behind me.  Lucky #7
2. Read the New Testament again.
3. Be kind
4.  Be come a published author
5.  study photography

5 Dreams for my kids:
1.  Encourage them to apply themselves to achieve to their potential
2.  Pray with them
3.  They will become Eagle Scouts
4.  They will be kind citizens
5.  Do their own laundry

5 Books I want to Read:

1. Harry Potter 1
2. Harry Potter 2
3. Harry Potter 3
4. Harry Potter 4
5. Rest of Harry Potter books

5 Things about myself I want to improve:
1.  Patience
2.  Be kind
3.  Patience
4.  Physical activity
5.  Diet Coke ( decrease consumption)

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  1. I gave up diet coke for a year and then started again. I don't know why but it was dumb. Physical Activity is one for me too.


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