Wednesday, November 17, 2010


That is what my license plate says.  I have never had a vanity plate before.  I have never had a "cool" car before either to put a vanity plate on.  The cars I have had include, chevette ( not to be confused with a corvette), 1973 Volvo,  Chevy blazer, Dodge Mini-van and now my little VW Bug.  It is VERY cool.  I feel like this is my "mid life crisis" car!

Why the obsession with U2?  That is really hard to pinpoint.  I have always loved everything Irish I suppose since I lived in Southern Africa.  The music isn't that bad either !  The lead singer Bono is also to be admired for his humanitarian work in Africa.  I remember seeing this photo in TIME magazine a couple of years ago of him visiting a school in Maseru, Lesotho.

That is where I lived when I was in Southern Africa, Maseru Lesotho.  I have that photo of Bono & school children on my refrigerator today.  It is a constant reminder to me of a connection that I have always felt about Africa.  Of all the places for this rock star to choose in all of the continent of Africa, he and his wife Ali choose Lesotho to be involved with.  It is amazing to me the coincidence of it all. ( This photo was taken in 2006, 26 years after I lived in Lesotho!)

Lesotho is where I first fell in love with Ireland.

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  1. You deserve a "mid-life crisis" car with a Vanity Plate!


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