Sunday, November 7, 2010

Visiting Zimbabwe Again !

In 1982 I visited Zimbabwe with my family while we were living in South Africa. This week end, many years later I was able to "visit" Zimbabwe again, only with another purpose: to help Spencer with his Geography Fair project.  The theme  is "Fresh Water: Clean Water". 

I love project based learning.  I love how my boys really get into the subject and  learning about somewhere far, far away.  I think so much is learned by trying to visually put facts on a tri-fold board with glitter.  The best part is coming up with the 3-D model and working with clay.  It is all about the clay!  Spencer had such a great time with the clay, he almost forgot he was learning about solutions to clean water in Zimbabwe.

It was in 1982 that I visited Zimbabwe.  I wish I had had a camera back then, as I do not have any photos.  My parents didn't take picture either back then, ( although when they divorced, I think my step dad took the slides & I have never seen them)  The only remembrance I have are a few coins from Zimbabwe.  Where ever I have travelled, I have collected coins.  I have a large collection of silver and copper pieces from around the world.  I love going through them and recollecting memories of where I got them and I am able to be reminded of how fortunate I have been to travel.

What I remember about 1982 Zimbabwe:

When we arrived at the airport from South Africa, we were strip searched as a measure of security at the airport.  I remember the women were in one line and the men in another line.  Each person went into a room with a security guard and searched down to their under cloths.  I remember it was very respectful, and they kept apologizing, however that was their procedure.   Afterwards we went to Harare (the Capital) I remember Harare was very crowded.  The people though were so kind, and I remember having a great feeling for the people of Zimbabwe that we had met.  We took a tour of some of the official offices/buildings.  I remember sitting at a square in the middle of the city and watching the traffic and all of the cars driving crazy by me.    I think my step-dad went to a Rotary meeting for lunch.  It was an adventure.  We were only there for a few days, I am not sure why we did not go and visit Victoria Falls.  I was more concerned at the time with my new Sony Walkman.  I think I had 5-6 cassette tapes with me.  Foghat, Foreigner, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Go-Gos, U2, those I know for sure as they were in my constant rotation.  There could have been others !  I remember I had some USA radio station recorded from 1980 so I could be reminded of what I was missing back in the States.

I certainly have more memories of Southern Africa.... to be continued in further entries !

For now I am thankful to have guided Spencer with his "Water in Zimbabwe" project.  He is so enthused about Africa.  Hopefully someday I will be able to take him to Africa and share with him and the rest of my family my love for the continent.  After working on the project, maybe he will be one of those who will help in the solutions to clean water in Zimbabwe.  Our kids are so fortunate to have all of this infomation in front of them, and with that will be able to do great things !

I dream of Africa. 


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