Thursday, October 21, 2010

And now we are walking....

Now for the long haul home.  After spending 10 days abroad, I am ready to go home to my family.  The only thing between me and them is about 6500 miles and a few time zones. We started the day by getting picked up by bus and taken to the town hall for our Farewell Ceremony and Memorial Photographs.  Again more speeches.  We then posed for a photo with a few middle school children, our delegation and the Shichigahama friendship committee.  It was sad to see everyone and say good bye.

And now we are walking...

Bus to subway station, where we met our luggage.  Subway to Sendai Station.  Next lugging of luggage & more walking to the platform for the bullet train.  My arms are tired from golfing yesterday.  Pulling around my luggage was not easy, but necessary.

Bullet train to Tokyo.  Express, only 1 1/2 hours.


Tokyo, find train to Narita Airport....


Airport. Check in.

Meal before flight, Pizza.

Flight: 11 hours to Newark, NJ.

1 1/2 hour lay over in Newark, then flight to Boston.  Arrived at 7:26pm EST.  27 hours of travelling.  Finally home.


Now I wish I was back having fun in Shichigahama!

We will always remember Cha-Cha's !

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