Thursday, October 21, 2010

Golf Lesson #1

Today is our last full day in Shichigahama before we have a day of travelling tomorrow.  6:30 am came all too soon, however it was a day I have anticipating for quite sometime.  We arrive at the Golf Course at 7am and eat breakfast.  Out T time is 8am.  On our way out to the first hole, Mr. Boteri says to me, "this might not have been the best idea for you for your first time to play golf on a PGA course".  Oh, no.  What am I getting into?

My team:
Mr. H. Susuki ( Post master for the region... he even has a stamp with his photo)
Mr. S. Susuki President of some oil company or something like that.
Gary Maestas

I asked Mr. H how long he has been playing golf, he said 22 years.  He asked me how long I had played, I said 2 hours.  Eeekkss !  This was also Garys first time golfing, but he is a natural athlete.  It was a lot of fun.  Luckily both Mr. Susukis were very gracious.  Mr S. was my shadow and my teacher.  He was with me all of the way through the 18 holes.  He told me how to stand, swing and place the ball correctly.  By the 18th hole I was finally getting the hang of it.  The second shot of the 18th hold I hit the ball into the sand trap.  Mr. H got out his camera and was perched to take photos of me playing.  I had to make it a good shot.  So much pressure.  Luckily it was my best shot of the day.  Great contact with the ball, and it actually went where it should go.  Wow, I almost impressed myself.

After we were done, we had lunch back at the club house.  Yes I had the worst score.  That is OK, I still got a trophy.  They had ones made for all of us.  My first golf trophy.

Tonight is the last night & the goodbye party.  More speeches.  We then had a performance by children of the NANA5931 dance group.  They were so cute & sang for us as well as danced.  This is a group of 40 children between ages 6-14 years old.  It was a buffet dinner.  After dinner there was a gift exchange.  I received many lovely hand made gifts from women that were attending.  At the end those who had not given speeches during the week were asked to now give a speech.  I spoke for a few minutes.  I said that hopefully this was the first of many visits for me to Japan.  I also thanked Mr H & Mr. S for their golf lesson.  Big laughter. 

Back to the hotel, change for last night at Cha-Cha's  Karaoke.  Not as strong as prior nights.  I think we were all tired after going out for the past 5 nights.  Some of us are not as young as we used to be.  It was still fun though.  Early night, traveling tomorrow.  I still had to pack !

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