Sunday, October 10, 2010


With a little over 24 hours to go, I have so much to do before going to Japan.  This blog will be my "journal" of events, and adventures.  I have never blogged before, this should be interesting.  I have read blogs, and love reading about other peoples take on their lives.  I realize that my life is usually boring, with a jolt of excitement every now and again.  It is like California.  Years go with out an earthquake.  Then one hits & usually it is a big one.  Then there are after shocks.  My life has been boring for a while now.  The richter scale is going to go crazy Monday morning.

I am leaving for Japan.  Yes, Japan.

Why Japan?

Little Plymouth MA history lesson.  ( Yes, there is more to know about Plymouth than a rock and a boat).

In 1990 a delegation from Shichigahama Japan visited Plymouth MA to see if there was a possibility of a sister city relationship.  Well, to be brief, YES, it did work out.  Plymouth has sent over 300 students on an exchange over the past 20 years.  This month, there will be a 20th anniversary celebrating the sister city relationship.  

Why was I invited?  Well, because I am the Chairman of the Plymouth Public Schools School Committee.  I have been on the school committee for the past 3 years, was just re-elected for a second term.  I was elected chairman this May.  I have embraced the challenge.  Education is a passion.  

I start by leaving Logan Airport in Boston at 6am Monday 10/11/10.  I wanted to leave on 10/10/10, but there were no flights to Japan.  I thought it would be a cool date to travel.

Now that I wrote about the analogy of the earthquake, I hope while I am in Japan there is NOT one!  

Tomorrow I will pack. ( But first I will have to do laundry)

( also, please note that U2 is NOT in Japan.... they just finished their tour in Europe)

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