Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Committee ~ School Safety A~Z

Each school district should have a safety committee.  It is imperative to have open communication between everyone who is directly involved with children.

The Plymouth Public Schools Safety Committee meet once a month.  The committee consists of the following individuals:

School Board Member  (Me)
Superintendent of Schools
Police Chief
School Resource Officers
Fire Chief and/or captains
High School Principal
Middle School Principal
Elementary School Principal
Guidance Counselor
Emergency Management Director
School Business Manager

We had our monthly meeting yesterday.  On the agenda:

School Bus Safety ~ We received a report from our bus company and how now they have 2 cameras on each bus to ensure the safety of our kids.

Emergency Crisis Manual ~  We have updated our procedures and it was for final review before printing.

After the Connecticut tragedy our committee hosted an open forum/panel for parent to attend.  It was well attended and the community was appreciative of our efforts.  Here is a write up of in our local paper : Keeping Plymouth Staff and Students Safe

It is amazing to have such great leaders in one room discussing the safety of our children.  Check with your school to see if they have a safety committee.  If they do not find out WHY, and then suggest starting one.


  1. I'm glad school kids have concerned advocates like you! Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks Nancy! In 2007 I ran for the School Board because our district did not have an anti-bullying policy. Now 6 years later we have make quite a bit of progress, but there is SO much need for even more improvements.


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