Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lock Down Drills ~ School Safety A~Z

L is for Lock Down Drills

What was once acceptable to practice fire drills, now lock down drills have become common place in many districts and required by law in some States.

In case you do not know what a lock down drill is, it is when a school has identified an intruder or an emergency, and students and staff quickly leave common areas and lock themselves into a safe and secure room that have identified safe spots.  The point being is that if students and staff are locked in a room, the intruder will move on because they cannot get into the room.

In Plymouth Public Schools:
Plymouth Public Schools

Procedures are in place, however it is essential that they are not made public.  Students and staff know what they need to do in case of an emergency.

What do you know about Lock Down Drills?


  1. I just find Lock Down Drills annoying. It may come to use, but I just find it an unnecessary burden.

  2. Maybe just the idea that children and staff have to think about "it" will help everyone be safer in case of any threat

    Lady's Knight

  3. --Yet another reason why we home school. ;) I'm a fan of the Middle East solution. Just have the teachers carry a rifle, and no one is going to mess around with the students. Really though, the officer standing at our NYC elementary school door had a pretty discouraging effect on violence. (When we lived in NYC...and decided to home school.)

  4. I was once in a meeting at my daughter's school during a lockdown drill.

    I am glad they do them. Any preparedness training is a good thing. Being prepared as a general rule of thumb is better than not, right?

    I just wonder if it frightens some of the students sometimes. Hopefully not.


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