Friday, April 12, 2013

Knowledge ~ School Safety A~Z

K is for Knowledge. 

As community members and parents we need to equip ourselves with knowledge.  The phrase "knowledge is power" is key.  I do not know how many incidents are adverted because of the preparation and planning of school personel and the knowledge they have in school safety.  I am thankful for their efforts.  We can never be totally prepared for an event, however the more knowledge that our students and students have, the greater the outcome will be and less damage will occur.

Are you learing more about school safety?  Share your knowledge!


  1. Preparation is the key to safety and prevention!

    Happy A to Z blogging.

  2. Yes, school safety really needs to be amped up however.... I, if I had a child in would not go to a public school or any school these days. I would be preparing myself to provide home schooling, or hire someone to come in and teach, with me right there. I don't trust much, and with todays nuts running around...that is what I would do. I think they ask a lot of public school teachers for what they get paid, they have unruly students, etc. People can say what they want to about other cultures, but it appears that the U.S. is way at the bottom of the totem pole when it comes to education. I real shame for as much as we have in this country, and on top of it worry about the safety of the

  3. Great posts for those with children in school. Mine are homeschooled.

    Cynthia (The Sock Zone)
    a to z challenge


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