Friday, April 5, 2013

Entrances and Exits ~ School Safety A~Z

The entrance and exits to a school are critical points to school safety.  It is a way for children to enter school, then a place to keep under tight security until students leave for the day.  The entrance should be locked at all times once the bell rings and school is in session.

Have you driven by a school and wondered what the letters on the outside of the building meant?

They are there for emergency purposes.   

The letter A is placed at the main entrance.  Letters go clockwise (to the left) for each side of the building.  If an emergency is called and the closest entrance is D, they can go right to that area. This can be critical if an ambulance comes and time is of the essence.  

Drive by your school.  Are there letters outside?  

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  1. Entrances and exits (especially those with big signs) are really very important. I had no idea about the letters and I am glad to learn something new. :)


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