Wednesday, April 17, 2013

News ~ School Safety A~Z

Information gathering and dissemination of an event out to the public is critical in school safety.  If an event happens, there needs to be a plan for communication and sharing of information via the News.  The public needs to be informed. Parents need to receive accurate news.  In our district we did a large lock down drill and it included the Massachusetts State Trooper Helicopter.  As we knew this might cause quite a commotion, the police sent out a reverse 911 call to all homes in the vicinity letting them know that this was just a drill.  The local news stations and papers were also notified.

Yesterday Boston had 3 bombs that created an emergency.  Lock downs happened in businesses.  News agencies reported many kinds of information, which at times was misleading.  While it may not be intentional it does happen frequently as news agencies are competitive and want to be the first to get out information.  We need to be patient and wait for accurate information.

News is important, we need to be kept informed with accurate details of an event.  We also need leaders who can articulate the information to the public in a professional and efficient manner.

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  1. The news is critical to finding out what's happening. I like how there are more options in today's world to find what's most up-to-date compared to when I was growing up.


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