Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Identification ~ School Safety A~Z

I is for Identification

I found this podcast when I was researching todays blog letter.

In order to keep our kids safe we need to keep bad people out of our schools.  We need to identify those who are visiting our schools to ensure that those let through the doors will not harm anyone.  When a visitor comes to the door they should show their ID ( Identification) before being able to enter the school.  Whether it be a drivers license or some official government photo identification, it should be given to the security person at the front entrance.

Some schools use a sticker to identify the visitor.  If school staff sees someone in the hallways that they do not recognize, or that does not have a visitor pass, they will stop the visitor and inquire who they are, and what their business is at the school.  This is a safety precaution.  Staff needs to be aware of any potential harm, or unrecognized strangers.

The newest trend is to have electronic ID checks.  A scanner will take in the drivers license information and then generate a wearable label.  

I think this is where most schools will be in the next 5 years.  Technology has enabled security systems to be hooked up to crime data bases.  This will help minimize exposure of our students to people who have done bad things in their past.  Not only does the person need to be identified, they need to be tracked.  A visitor that enters the building, needs to also leave in a timely manner.  This ID tracking system helps monitor visits.

How does your school identify visitors?


  1. Thanks for the recent visit Deb - impressed you can stick to such a specific A-Z theme..

  2. I work at a tiny school where we know all of the parents, so identification isn't as large of an issue for us. ID tracking sounds like an easy (though hopefully not too costly) system for public schools to implement, though.

  3. The school where I work issues ID stickers to visitors. My daughter's school has visitor tags on lanyards.


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