Saturday, April 27, 2013

Warning Signs ~ School Safety A~Z

There are many warning signs around us.  Signs that tell us to slow down while we are approaching a curve, or a speed bump.  There are warning signs on a bottle letting us know that the contents are hazardous that warn us of the effects of the product.

What are the warning signs of a person who wants to cause harm at a school?

In an article by Peter Langman, PhD that was printed in the Forensic Digest Winter-Spring 2012, he discusses the research he has found on the Warning Signs of a School Shooter:  

  1. If there is a direct threat, Take is seriously.  School officials need to contact the police and let them take necessary actions.
  2. If a student admires or is obsessed with prior school shootings, you need to be concerned.
  3. School assignments can foreshadow future events.  It is hard to predict this indirect threat, but any assignment that is suspect should be addressed and the proper authorities should be notified if  there is concern.
  4. Obsession or collection of weapons ie guns or knives or violent material (books on making bombs) that they have at home.
  5. Online texts or posts of their obsession or intent to cause violence.

To read the entire article : School Shootings: The Warning Signs

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