Monday, April 8, 2013

Guns ~ School Safety A~Z

180 days go by each school year, and fortunately without tragedy.  However in recent years we have seen that gun violence has become a topic that has affected many of us who have school aged children. When we send our kids to school, the greatest expectation is that they will be safe.

I have only shot a gun at a range  Breathe, THEN shoot.  The last gun that I shot was the same type used in the Sandyhook shooting.  Little did I now.

If you have a gun in your house, please read this great website:
Talking to kids about Gun Safety

Now for my personal beliefs:

I believe that guns in our schools are a bad idea.   

I believe in our 2nd amendment rights to bear arms.  I believe that there does need to be a stronger universal background check system in place in order to purchase a firearm.   ( I also believe that there should be a national background check for sex offenders, but that is another topic)

We need to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.  The problem arises and the challenge is that criminals do not follow the law.  We can change all the laws that we want, but that is not going to solve all of the problems we are facing in our society.  We need to change the penalty as well.  We need to get and keep criminals off the streets.  We need judges who are firmer and not afraid to send people to jail when they break the law.  We need to ensure that people who have mental illness are not able to purchase a firearm.  We need tough penalties for people who purchase firearms for people who cannot get them themselves.

Guns in entertainment.  How many shoot-em-up movies do we need to see? Hollywood seems to think that the more gruesome the better.  And video games?  Don't get me started!  Hollywood produces what an audience demands.  I think film makers need to take some responsibility in how our society has become so desensitized to gun violence.

Passing laws might make us feel better, (but remember, criminals do not obey the law), however real change will occur when we as a society will not accept the portrayal of gun violence on our TV's or Movie screens.  When we can turn off the TV and actually talk to our neighbor.  When we can be more compassionate towards one another.  I believe that is when real change will occur.

What do you think about gun violence in America?  I would like to hear your views.  Since this is such a hot topic, please be respectful and kind by not bashing either political party.


  1. school safety is a great topic!
    you have made some really good points and i agree that guns should not be in school. tho i am not opposed to rotating under cover officers, then its harder for the ill doers to plan an attack... hmm...

    1. Thanks! We have Resource Officers in our middle and high schools. Unfortunately if someone is planning to do something bad, they will find a way. Laws are not going to change things unless we change as a society.

  2. My oh My, you certainly have chosen a hot topic for your G word and good for you for not being part of the silent majority. I am not American, but I have very strong views about guns. Having a gun registry or something of the like, will not prevent those who want weapons for their own personal agendas from obtaining them. I also strongly support any and all measures that are aimed at school safety.... or more importantly, the safety of our children. Again, kudos to you... keep up the good work~

    Patricia, Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice

    1. Yes, this is a hot topic and I am passionate about how I feel!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This is such a hot topic right now and I feel like I don't quite have my opinions figured out. While I lean toward the more liberal side of things, my husband belongs to the NRA and we own guns. There is so much to this issue--the one thing I hope for most is that violence in schools can be replaced by learning and love. :)
    Great G word!
    Nice to meet you!!

    1. Thanks Lisa!

      Agreed, we need more compassion and interest in humans, than watching violent movies or playing shoot-em-up video games!

      Thanks for stopping by, come visit again!

  4. Speaking as an Australian, and probably on behalf of most Australians, the whole 2nd amendment thing seems a bit crazy -no offence. As long as there are guns, or weapons of any kind, they will be misused and people wil be killed. Sad but true. The Terminator summed it up when he said to a young John Connor, 'It's in your nature to destroy yourselves.'

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      No offense taken! For many people here in the USA the 2nd amendment to our constitution is a hot topic, and most will defend it. I do not see it changing at all.

      There is only one problem with your logic about guns being misused. More people die here in the USA from drunk driving than gunshot wounds. Should we take cars off of the road? They are a more dangerous weapon.

      Some food for thought.

      Keep visiting!

  5. Some common sense on the topic is nice to see for a change. Stopped in from A to Z and will be back.


    1. Thanks for stopping by. I am glad you agree!

  6. It would be nice if everyone would think more logically about guns and gun control. Canada scrapped the long gun registry because it did not stop any illegal gun activity--in fact it probably created more. Criminals disregard any legislation made, so do the mentally ill.
    Our family has had guns for over a hundred years and we haven't shot a single soul yet. Imagine that. Education and training of children is what is required; they then grow up to be responsible adults. Knee-jerk legislation is not the answer.
    Dropped in for the A-Z Challenge--again, great post.

  7. Thanks for stopping by! I agree, we can legislate all we want, criminals won't obey the law. Total disconnect. Education, training & maybe just maybe less violent images would help.

  8. This is a hot topic for the day
    I believe in 2nd Amendment rights, I do not believe that stricter gun controls will keep guns out of the hands of criminals.
    I come from a state that has had strict gun control in place for years - you cant get much of anything and if you have a gun you cant get the ammunition
    The violence level is not lower. Crime levels have soared. I've had my house (in a nice quiet neighborhood) broken into twice. We were home once.
    Drive by shootings are as common as taking the kids to Mcdonalds. I think education would help but the bad guys will always have guns and they are pulling young kids (elementary age) into their gangs.

  9. As an Aussie, like D Cairns above, I'm bewildered by the whole 2nd amendment thing, let alone why it's deemed more important (to an outsider's view) than bunches of kids being killed. It seems to me that the amendment may have been necessary in days gone by but I can't see why it's needed now. Fortunately that's not my problem -we had one major instance of shooting and we made keeping and holding guns so much harder. I've never owned a gun or felt the need, even when I lived in Papua New Guinea which is an extremely dangerous place.

    A good topic for discussion though as you've brought out interesting responses too.


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